Kepner Tregoe will make you more effective in everyday business

First a disclaimer. I am not paid by Kepner Tregoe (KT), in fact, they do not even know that I am writing this post. They will once I publish it, I will email them and tell them. Lets start this with a short history lesson, of course it is about myself…..

I was introduced to the KT rational processes very soon after I moved to Sweden. They are most commonly taught as part of an intensive 3 day training course. I didn’t really get the tools to be honest. By the end of the 3 days I was quite confused about the how the problem solving process worked, completely befuddled by situation appraisal but pretty ok with potential problem analysis (after all it is risk management and I had just come from an intense project management environment) and very inspired by decision analysis. If you do not know Kepner Tregoe and do not know what these terms are it is not up to me here to fill you in on all that good stuff, instead I suggest you go hit them up at All the Kepner Tregoe consultants I have met have been fun, intelligent and helpful so do not hesitate to contact them. Let me continue the history lesson.

After about 5 years of occasionally doing decision analysis and not really using the other tools very much I moved positions and took a much greater responsibility for driving and support problem solving activities. At this point my director and I decided I really needed to know these KT tools better and should be capable of training others to use them. I therefore spent a fantastic 2 weeks (read; hardest 2 weeks of my professional life) in their program leader course in Princeton NJ (incidentally it was while I was in Princeton for the second time with KT I met my now wife for the first time). I can tell you if you think you don’t understand the processes after 3 days training you nail them in the first 48 hours of the program leader course. It’s all you do. Epic doesn’t even describe it. I came out of those 2 weeks feeling more confident about how to solve problems, support myself and others making decisions, mapping risks (potential problems in KT language) and appraising situations.

The KT tools are incredibly intuitive and probably provide some level of cognitive reprogramming as they definitely re-wire the way you approach business situations. They help you sort useful from garbage data, decide what is relevant to consider when you decide something, break things down into actionable items so you can really understand what to do next and plan for successful outcomes every time. I can say honestly that my knowledge of the KT system has helped me immensely through out my career since.

I thoroughly recommend you check them out and you will not regret it.

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